Who we are

Tara Bodong (Netherlands) is a non-profit charitable foundation which supports humanitarian projects in the northern region of India and Nepal. The projects are initiated locally and overseen by the Tibetan lama, Geshe Pema Dorjee. Founders and Board Our Team Our Team Tara Bodong ANBI Requirements –

Our project

Our main project is to raise funds to support the Bodong Nunnery/Girls’ School that we are building in Lumla, Arunachal Pradesh in North-East India. Phase 1 is already completed, with 15 girls currently living there (kindly supported through our sponsorship programme) and attending the nearby village school, whilst build and complete more classrooms and a […]

How to give

The members and friends of Tara Bodong (Netherlands) appreciate your donation. We will do our very best to make sure that every contribution we receive will go entirely to the nunnery/girls’ school. There are several ways you can financially support our project: Transfer via Bank Account: Bank: Rabobank Hilversum Account number: 1151.38.447 Account name: Stichting Tara Bodong (Netherlands) […]

Buy A Tulip. Help A Girl – 2018 Campaign Update

We are delighted to say that students of the International Schools in Groningen, Hilversum, Laren, The Hague and Utrecht as well as the International Primary School Hilversum and the Joseph Lokin School in Ankeveen have made a fantastic start selling tulip bulbs to their families, friends and neighbours during the coming weeks to support our campaign.


We had a successful day selling bulbs at Hilversum’s Puur Markt/Puur Buren event on Sunday 16th September 2018. We will also be selling packs of bulbs outside the Hilvertshof, Groest, Hilversum on Thursday 11th and Saturday 13th October 2018 so please come and see us if you haven’t purchased any bulbs via the schools.


The schools that are supporting our campaign are creating awareness about the lack of education available for young girls in the Himalayan region as well as raising funds to educate young girls at the nunnery/school Tara Bodong has built. Too many girls are still denied the opportunity of receiving an education and lead a safe and healthy life. Stichting Tara Bodong (Netherlands) is committed to changing this through small-scale humanitarian projects in Northern India and Nepal.


This Tulip Campaign has been timed to coincide with the International Day of the Girl Child on 11th October 2018, an initiative by the United Nations. This year their theme is:

With Her: A Skilled GirlForce

and the United Nations is undertaking “a year-long effort to bring together partners and stakeholders to advocate for, and draw attention and investments to, the most pressing needs and opportunities for girls to attain skills for employability”.


100% of the profits raised through our “Buy a Tulip. Help a Girl” Campaign will go directly to the Bodong Nunnery/Girls’ School in Lumla, North-East India; the first steps for a girl to attain skills for employability is receiving an education.


Our Inspiration

  • Pema Dorjee

    Tibetan Lama Geshe Pema Dorjee has dedicated his life to helping disadvantaged people in the Himalayan region. There, he has organised numerous charitable projects with emphasis on the poor, the elderly, street children, the sick and the disabled. He currently runs 13 charitable projects including support for education, community improvement, health and environmental development. Amongst […]

  • Siri Weirum

    Siri Weirum worked for many years as a manager for Oslo Red Cross in Norway. When she took early retirement, she decided to do something completely different by going to live abroad. After reading an article in a Norwegian newspaper about an international organisation looking for ‘senior’ citizens to work as volunteers in developing countries, Siri got […]

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