Project update

Important Milestones

26 September 2012– The official symbolic ceremony of removing the first shovel of earth from the site of the nunnery/girl’s school took place in Lumla.  Buddhist monks were present to bless and pray for the success of the project. At the same time, prayer and blessing ceremonies took place at the Porong Gompa monastery inKathmandu,Nepaland in the temple inDharamsala,India.

One of the most respected men in Lumla, Mr. Lobsang Chopel, was asked to remove the first shovels of earth. He is the uncle of the young boy, Lobsang, who was successfully treated for a tuberculosis tumor in the head and is now a student at Pema la’s monastery in Kathmandu, Porong Gompa. His parents donated the plot of land where the nunnery/girls’ school will be built.

The local project committee in Lumla has appointed Tubten Choedon to be the project leader. Tubten has ample experience with building projects. The committee will have the overall responsibility of the building project.  A local architect will be available for advice and help. The construction is fully dependent on the weather conditions in these high altitudes of the Himalayas.  Construction is expected to go on till the end of November, with a stop in December, January and February, due to winter conditions. It is expected to start again in March and carry on through May until the start of the monsoon season.

The money which was transferred from the Netherlands in the summer and the donation from H.H. the Dalai Lama, has been spent on building temporary sheds for the workers and the construction equipment. In addition, a solid fence has been erected around the perimeter of the site. The construction of the first classrooms will commence shortly. The committee keeps a detailed accounting of all expences and costs.

April 2012 – At a Lumla Committee Board meeting it was decided to start construction in September 2012.  Initially we had hoped that construction could begin in May 2012.  However, starting construction in May would mean that we have to stop in June, July and August because of the heavy rain season.  The best month to start construction is September because then we can go on building till the end of December. We might have to stop building if January and February become very cold but should be able to start work again in March.

14 Dec 2011 – Approval for Construction was given by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

15 Nov 2011 – Formal transfer of land to Lumla Bodong Tashi Choeling Charitable Organisation.

16 June 2011 – Registration Lumla Bodong Tashi Choeling Charitable Organisation with the Register of Societies – Govt. Of Arunachal Pradesh. The certificate is valid from 16th June 2011 to 15thJune 2014 only subject to subsequent  renewal.

April 2011 – A new plot of land was donated by Shri Maling Gombu and Shri Phurpa Tashi of Tabrang village (the parents of a boy who had been critically ill and who was taken by Pema Dorjee to a hospital in Delhi for treatment). – Subsequently new architectural plans were drawn up together with a new budget by Lobsang Tharchin Civil Engineer / prepared by Er.Lothar B.Tech.Civil


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