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Pema Dorjee at LBi, March 2012

Pema Dorjee was asked by LBi to talk on the topic "Blending" to large part of the personnel of Lost Boys International in Amsterdam.

Pema Dorjee teachings March 2012 Museum Volkenkunde Leiden

Pema Dorjee was invited by Museum Volkenkunde to do some teachings and meditation sessions. Topics discusses were "Tibetan Buddhim" and "How can we incorporate Tibetan Buddhism values in our daily life".

Pema Dorjee teachings March 2012 Squash & Wellness in Bussum

Pema Dorjee conducted a teaching on "Compassion: What does it really mean? at the Squash & Wellness sportsclub in Bussum

Pema Dorjee at the Violenschool International School in Hilversum, March 2012.

Pema Dorjee gave a public teaching on the topic "Change: Opportunity or Challenge" at the Violenschool International School in Hilversum.

Pema Dorjee at Yoga Studio Hilversum, March 2012

During Pema Dorjee's visit in March 2012 he gave several teachings at a Yoga Studio in Hilversum on topics such as Mindful Parenting, Karma and Rebirth and Stages of Meditation.

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