Ons project

Our main project is to raise funds to support the Bodong Nunnery/Girls’ School that we are building in Lumla, Arunachal Pradesh in North-East India. Phase one is already completed, with 19 girls currently living there (kindly supported through our sponsorship programme) and attending the nearby village school, whilst build and complete more classrooms and a separate Prayer Hall.


Enrolling our girls at the local school makes more space available for dormitories during the building phase, allowing us to increase the number of girls we can help. There are many more girls eager to learn and who all deserve a chance at a better life. We hope to have a total of 28 girls .

Due to the remoteness and extreme poverty of the region, girls rarely receive any education. Older girls help in agriculture, the younger ones look after their siblings and the household, with living conditions causing physical damage to their lungs and eyes. Having a safe place close to school, where they can sleep and receive warm meals, makes a huge difference to every girl we can help.

Nunnery/girls’ school in Lumla   

Progress and Milestones





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