Founders and board

Stichting Tara Bodong (Netherlands), Chamber of Commerce number 52165043 was founded on the 24th  February 2011  as a non-profit organisation by:

Martin Stuyvenberg and Cecilie Weirum Stuyvenberg

The sole purpose of the foundation is to support small-scale humanitarian projects in India and Nepal not only through donations but also by transfer of knowledge.

Our first and current project  is to help raise funds for the construction of a nunnery/girls’ school in Lumla, Arunachal Pradesh in North-East India (a remote area in India, east of Bhutan and bordering Tibet (China). For more information on the project, please click on Our Project.


From 1 May 2017, the board of  Tara Bodong (Netherlands) consists of the following directors:

Martin Stuyvenberg

Christian Horn

Debbie Wirtjes-Lewis

Elizabeth Fleming

Deborah Biggs


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