Tara Bodong

Tara Bodong (Netherlands) is a non-profit charitable foundation which supports humanitarian projects in northern India and Nepal. The projects are initiated locally and overseen by the Tibetan lama, Geshe Pema Dorjee.   The foundation is run by a group of international friends in Hilversum who together represent many different nationalities. We have various educational and professional backgrounds and expertise, but we share the same goal; to do something meaningful with our lives and to help others less fortunate than ourselves. We work voluntarily and try to keep the organisation as lean as possible by keeping overhead costs to a minimum, thus making sure that every euro donated goes entirely to our projects. The foundation was the brainchild of Cecilie (Weirum) Stuyvenberg  and  Martin Stuyvenberg and registered in February 2011. It is a sister organisation of the Norwegian charitable group, Tara Bodong (Norway) which is lead by Cecilie’s mother, Siri Weirum.

Our mission is to structurally improve the living conditions of the local people in the Himalayan regions of India and Nepal and help them break out of the vicious circle of hardship which often characterises their lives. We  support small-scale humanitarian projects not only through financial donations but also by  getting experts to train the villagers on how to develop sustainable communities.

The name Tara Bodong was originally chosen by Siri Weirum and is a combination of the words Tara and Bodong (more in next section).  The name is also used by our sister organisation, Tara Bodong (Norway) which is independent of the Dutch foundation but which supports the same projects.

Tara Goddess of Peace and Protection


Goddess Tara is probably the oldest goddess who is still worshipped extensively in modern times. Tara originated as a Hindu goddess, a Great Goddess – the Mother Creator, representing the eternal life force that fuels all life.   There are many embodiments of Tara but the best known are the White Tara and the Green Tara. The peaceful, compassionate White Tara gently protects and brings long life and peace. The more dynamic goddess, Green Tara is the “Mother Earth” and a fierce goddess who overcomes obstacles and saves us from physical and spiritual danger.

In Sanskrit, the name Tara means Star but she was also called She Who Brings Forth Life, The Great Compassionate Mother, The Embodiment of Wisdom, and the Great Protectress. Adopted by Buddhism, she become the most widely revered deity in the Tibetan pantheon.

In Buddhist tradition Tara is actually much greater than a goddess, she is a female Buddha – an enlightened one was has attained the highest wisdom, capability and compassion, one who can take human form and who remains in oneness with every living thing.


Bodong Tradition

Geshe Pema Dorjee was asked by HH the Dalai Lama to revive and promote the Bodong Tradition which is one of the oldest traditions in Buddhism.  Although it is a fundamental part of Buddhism, most of  the lineage, oral transmissions and instructions have nearly vanished. The Bodong Tradition, which claims direct descent from India was characterised by its own name and the adoption of the teachings contained in the masterpiece of Bodong Chokley Namgyal who established a number of rituals specific to the tradition.


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